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Bluetooth technology began in the 1994 scheme of Ericsson, which research on mobile phones and other accessories between the low-power, low-cost wireless communication connections. Inventor hopes for the device to create a set of communications between the uniform rules (standardized protocols), to solve the incompatibility between users of mobile electronic devices. 1997 years ago, the concept of contact Ericsson mobile device manufacturers to discuss cooperation and development of their projects, The results obtained support. 1998 project was officially launched. May 20, 1999, Sony Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba, and other industry-leading founded SIG, Bluetooth technology standard developed, so Bluetooth SIG has a patent.

The Bluetooth certification is BQB certification, in short, if your product has a Bluetooth function and appearance of the product indicated on the Bluetooth logo must pass a certification called BQB,and BQB must be a member of the Bluetooth SIG or employees.

AUTOPHIX company's V100 and new products V200 via Bluetooth BQB certification - New product V200 through the Android operating system of intelligent mobile phone, apple, complete the reading to support the OBDII vehicle information using Bluetooth and vehicle terminal communications. This product has better performance, more delicate appearance.(click here to view certificates)